Shane Desiel


My black nigga Shane Desiel has one of my top 5 favorite dicks I’ve ever had in my life. He’s not only huge but he’s so tasty and dark just the way I like them <3 he is so good at whispering dirty things in my ear and making sure I feel like a dirty little white bitch with a super slutty pussy. I own his dick when I'm with him and he owns my tight little pussy








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  1. Posted by YooY, at Reply

    How I can watch this video ..

    I like you :)

  2. Posted by Mike Riley, at Reply

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  3. Posted by Kristopher King, at Reply

    Riley, I’m by no means the size of Shane, but I hope that you’d one day do me the honor of squirting in my mouth from fucking a giant cock like his. I love you Riley!

  4. Posted by Aaron, at Reply

    Such a lucky guy ;) Love the Japanese tattoo on your back!

  5. Posted by Luke, at Reply

    I ♥ you nice pussy