So today I did this down right flithy custom blow bang video with Sara Luvv. <3 We got so sloppy, spit and cum was everywhere. Mike is one lucky guy ;)


Dec 8 2014

I’m starting a bid for my swim suit from Oil Overload 11 by Jules Jordan featuring Sara Luvv, James Deen and myself! The package will include a personalized Polaroid in the outfit as well as the outfit itself! It will also include a personalized autograph dvd and at least 1 autograph 8×10. The starting bid begins at $200! Let the auction begin!!

~Payments can be submitted via PayPal or Google Wallet.





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You can own my swim suit from Oil Overload 11!

So recently I was booked to shoot with Dave Naz a known photographer in the adult industry and he actually has some punk band history behind him but I won’t get too deep into that although I will say his taste in music is quite delicious, back to the story I was lined up to work with Dave for a bondage photo shoot for a mag called Taboo. I had such a great time on this shoot because I rarely get to play with bondage because it usually marks the body and being that I work selling my body I have to keep it in the best condition although it was time to let me guard down and be a bit of a rebel. Dave hired a friend of his Damian to basically dom me and tie me up.



That shoot went so great that Dave had be back on set yesterday! This time for a mag Barley Legal and once again he was a blast to shoot with, although no rope play was involved I still had a great time playing around in front of his camera “)







Dave naz & @ericminhswenson


My slutty little friend Marley Blaze is this girl I’ve recently been hanging out with. I’m pretty particular when it comes to hanging out with girls especially at my house but I get good vibes from this girl, it’s no wonder why! She spent the day at my house hanging out and she was slowly hinting at me how she wanted to be dominated by me. What she really wanted was to get fucked by me with my strap on but that will have to be another night. This night I was just giving her a small taste of my rubber cock.

She asked for it.

Size queen <3

I decided not to wear panties today.